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It's surprising how many objects you can find on a property that's been inhabited for a century or more! I have found rings, jewelry, gold, and colonial artifacts like buttons, musketballs, and coins. Here are some photographs of actual objects that I've found.

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Hi! I'm Wendy. Call me anytime at (413) 250-1475.

This is one of my favorite machines.

A silver Spanish half-reale I found on someone's front lawn. I actually found two of them there!

Here's a brooch from 1900 found on someone else's lawn!

A doll head from someone's back yard.

I found this brooch in the woods on an old stagecoach path!

I'm friendly! You should definitely call me. :)

These toy guns I found under the Tarzan swing I used to play at as a child. These guns were probably mine or my brothers!

This sterling silver thimble found in the front law of an inn. It was manufactured in Providence in the early 1800s.

Musket balls! I found these in a back yard.

Anybody lost some keys? I found these in a playground.

This silver walking liberty half-dollar I found on the grounds of a local business that had some history.