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How I work


Hi! I'm Wendy, your friendly neighborhood metal detectorist. I can help:

Will it damage my lawn?

No! I pride myself in not leaving any garbage or doing any damage to your lawn! Most items I find will be 6 inches deep, and I cut a U-shaped divot in the grass and lift that up. Once I remove the object, I replace the divot, tap it down, and the sod is completly good. If it's a really dry, hot day I actually bring water and I'll water it.

How does it work?

I pass my detector over your lawn in overlapping loops until I hear a sound. The detector sends picks up metal and can differentiate between gold, silver, and other metals. While there's no guarantee that what it indicates is what's really down there, I have the experience to make good judgments and find valuables and ancient items underground.

How much does it cost?

It's not expensive! Of course it depends how large your property is, but you can pay me and keep all the items I find, or pay me less and we'll split the profit from any valuables that I uncover.

How long does it take?

On most lawns, just a few hours. Obviously, it depends how large your property is.

Where can you metal detect?

I can find metal objects on any ground, including forests and beaches. I even have the equipment to detect in ponds (snorkel deep). Places where there has been recent construction are often good targets because they churn up the ground, and I love to work on historic homes. Of course, I only work in areas where the landowner has given permission, and I don't work on federally protected sites or places that deserve an archaeologist.